Charitable Funds and Fund-Raising


COVID-19 and  Supporting THE LODGE

The Coronavirus epidemic in the country has caused difficulties of cost and practicality to everyone in the land to one degree or another. 
At the Lodge, we are taking every possible precaution against this vicious cruel disease.
Staff have agreed to work extended shifts and cope with the particular precautionary practices adopted over and above the usual hygiene precautions against infection affecting our residents and staff.
We are grateful for all the staff are doing and especially for their adjustments in their home lives to avoid bringing any infection into the Lodge. 

Our Patron, General The Lord Richards of Herstmonceux has reminded us of his army motto which we are taking on board
... 'Hoping for the best but planning for the worst.'
We have had to make changes to working practices and physical arrangements often with implicit unbudgetted costs.
The Manor Trust spent the exceptional figure i.r.o. £3,000 in March and April acquiring Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the Lodge in readiness for the COVID-19 being suspected or acquired. 
In addition, we have been advised that staff must wear masks at all times even when a Care Home is free from COVID-19 symptoms.

This is so important, not only now, but when any relaxation is allowed because we feel that this will be our most dangerous time.
We are using 500 masks a month and we procure the best price we can subject to availability. Costs can vary from £1 to £5 per mask, depending on its construction and supplier costs.
Contributions from our supporters will be used towards maintaining infection avoidance for the health welfare of our residents.
Please donate what you can by giving here on this website fundraising page. You can donate here - thank you

Or if paying by cheque please make it payable to the ‘Manor Trust Bedhampton’ and post to The Trust Manager, The Elms 2 Lower Road Bedhampton Hants. PO9 3LH. 

Thank you so much for your help.      

Our charitable funds come in three ways: 

Our funds come entirely from the generous donors in support of the Manor Trust today, tomorrow and from gifts in the past: 


Donations can be made by cheque made payable to The Manor Trust Bedhampton, or by direct internet payment to the authorised internet giving site, The Charity Aid Foundation (CAF) or be made in cash for which a receipt will be given.
Donors can also choose to enhance the sum given by the Gift Aid process.

 if you wish to donate now, please click HERE Thank you.

Fund-Raising Events

The Trust mounts several fund-raising events throughout the year and these are put on by the volunteers of the charity.
Our volunteers organise and plan the events and aim to make them appealing, interesting and enjoyable for the supporters and public to take part in.

We are looking for need more volunteer helpers, and always want our supporters to spread the word when an event is ‘On’ so their friends, relatives and the public know they can come and have a good time.
They can be sure any money spent will be going to a good cause.

Legacies and Bequests

 Many people think ahead and want to leave a legacy. A legacy leaves a lasting memory outside the family. 
 A bequest will help the charity plan and help secure its future, for later generations to enjoy The Elms, the Waterloo Room and even enhance the lives of the residents in care at the Lodge.

 A legacy would always be greatly appreciated and be put to good use towards the works of the charity as stated above.

Furthermore, you can specify what aspect of the charity's work you wish your bequest to be used for - these amounts are called 'Restricted Funds,' and can given in such a way as to use what is donated, or to invest the money and use the interest generated for your chosen specific purpose.
A legacy gift to The Manor Trust Bedhampton would be free from Inheritance Tax because the Trust is a Registered Charity. 

We simply ask that if you consider leaving a bequest in your Will, that you please bear in mind - The Manor Trust Bedhampton?

The Trust's principal activities requiring funding are:

  • The maintenance of the heritage property the Trust owns - most notably The Elms with the Waterloo Room and its Tower. The Elms is a Grade II * Listed Building - please read more below.

  • The Lodge is a building full of character, with its feature mansard roof, but it is a complex property that doesn't lend itself to low-cost or easy maintenance.

  • Both properties have sizeable grounds that need maintaining and as with any building there are needs for the roof and the walls to be kept water-tight and strong enough to withstand all the greatly varying British weather.

  • Regular maintenance such as exterior painting, pointing and attention to roofs and gutters are vital. Our aim is the make the lives of our residents always comfortable and enjoyable, with such things as pretty gardens to sit in, with suitable furniture.  

    We appreciate any amount given - every amount is valued, and appreciated.
    The Trust has its four objectives (listed above) and there will always be ongoing renovations and maintenance needed to its buildings and grounds, but particularly the overheads that apply common areas of the buildings and the Waterloo Room.

  • With a Grade II * Listed building the up-keep costs are higher than a reasonably modern building. 

  • The residents all pay their fair dues for their accommodation and in The Lodge for their care; but there are the common areas and the gardens and grounds that ned to be maintained by the trust, in particular The Waterloo Room.

    For example the trust received a donation to install WiFi in The Lodge and 10 tablets given for the elderly residents, all of whom are there needing care, to use to access the internet and send emails etc.

  • The trust's local museum called the Bedhampton Historical Collection (BHC) is for those who have an interest in local history, most notably the Conservation Village of Old Bedhampton and museum can be visited by appointment by the public and school classes. 
    The events the BHC puts on in the Waterloo Room, many in co-operation with The Community Cafe help to foster the community spirit of Bedhampton, Havant and the wider environs and raise funds for the Trust and specifically for the BHC.


Waterloo Room Appeal

The roof of the Waterloo Room is in need of significant repair over much of its area, and the northern wall waterproofing render is in need of repair.
When that has been done the trustees can turn their attention to the interior of the Waterloo Room that is much in need of redecorating.

The trustees are asking for your support for these works for which outline budgets project an expenditure in the region of  £100,000 to complete the three objectives, the roof, the north wall, and the interior redecoration.

If you wish to help preserve this lovely building for the future - please consider making a pledge - read more  -
which means promising to pay at the time the work is being done.
You can also donate online now (see below), 
or you can make a donation by cheque payable to the Manor Trust
and send to the Trust Manager Paula Humby click here  
Please state your donation is for the Waterloo Room Roof Appeal and if you agree to make it eleigible for Gift Aid

Although in 2020 Coronavirus has put a stop on activities and works - you will be very welcome to donate towards the cost of the roof repairs needed to The Waterloo Room

When the work starts whatever you have contributed towards the considerable costs of these works will help preserve this historic building and its lovely Regency Banqueting Hall

You can donate online for this special cause -

please donate HERE ... 

Thank you for your support, your gift will be gratefully received. 

The Charity receives no State Grants and we are unable to reclaim Vat on the repairs and maintenance of our buildings.
This makes your gifts so very valuable to the work of the trust
and your gifts can be enhanced by the process of Gift Aid (if donating by cheque please state you would like us to reclaim Gift Aid)


About Giving

If you are already a supporter of the Manor Trust or thinking you would like to support the Manor Trust you may like come and view the Waterloo Room, Tower and Library with books for sale, please contact our Trust Office to arrange your visit.

If you would like to donate now, then please click the pay link below- and that will link to 'Charity Aid Foundation' online giving facility


Thank you for your gift which will put put to the work of the Manor Trust .
If you would like your donation targetted towards a particlar aspect of our work, please send us an email - you can use using the form here 

Alternatively, you can send a cheque, made payable to the 'Manor Trust Bedhampton' and send it to the
Trust Office at The Elms,
2 Lower Road Old Bedhampton PO9 3LH.

When giving, please say your gift is for a special reason such as a current project or to support a specific activity ofThe Manor Trust.
Thank you.

Helping to raise funds 

Supporters and Friends of The Manor Trust

The Trust has a body of Supporters who attend functions and so help contributing to the funds raised and others also volunteer to help, which is always much appreciated. The helpers make acquaintances and friends with eachother. We also have body of Supporters who are called Friends of the Manor Trust. These are supporters who have made a donation of £100 or more as a gift to the work of the Trust. These gifts  are greatly appreciated by the trustees.
You can download a form to register to become a Friend and read more about the trust's activities here 
We ask supporters if they would remember The Manor Trust Bedhampton in their will and this can be done and made as a gift if desired for a specific named activity of the trust. Please contact our Trust Manager Paula Humby for any help you may require with this aspect of your gift planning. Thank you for thinking of The Manor Trust, Bedhampton, Registered Charity 1116034.

The Trust hosts three major events during the year, the stand at The Bedhamton Show on Bidbury Mead in July, the Garden Party in August and the Christmas Fayre in December.

Supporters volunteer to help at Fund-raising events and also help by bringing friends to an event

Help at the monthly Community Cafe Mornings is always welcome.

If you would like to volunteer your help in some way, please let us know.

If this is something that you would consider doing, please speak to your solicitor about this and if it’s helpful, please also speak to our Trust Manager, Paula Humby on 023 92 48 4444.

Charitable Activities

Restoration of Elms Summer 2018

The Trustees have commissioned the repair of windows and patches of crumbling render with repainting during the summer of 2018.
To read more and with pictures of the work this entails please click

Restoration of The Waterloo Room Tower – Summer 2015
The Trust’s resources had to bear £25,000 which represents 90% of the total restoration costs of the Tower in 2015. Any contribution you can give will be very much appreciated- please see below.

Starting in 2017, the Trustees are looking to continue with the necessary maintenance of the building both internally and externally.

Internal works are required to do with updating its utilities and decor, and externally to the elevations and roofs. The trustees are appealing for donations towards the costs of the important restoration work on the building and Waterloo Room which together amount to £100,000.

Renovation of the Waterloo Room Tower - Summer 2015

The Tower of the Waterloo Room is part their Grade II Star Listed Building called The Elms.

It is an architectural heritage gem, probably the most important heritage building in the Borough of Havant.

There is more about these works, including some pictures showing the work to be done, please click here .


The Art Exhibition

The Art Exhibition, held on the last week-end in May at The Elms has an interesting variety of pictures from local artists.

All the paintings, drawings, sculptures and crafts are original and for sale at reasonable prices.

A portion of each sale goes to benefit the work of The Manor Trust.

There are also home-made cakes and cream teas available for a reasonable small sum.

For more details of this year's Art Show please go to our news page

Our Projects in 2015 - Restoration of the Tower of The Waterloo Room

Restoration of Heritage Building - done by the Trust


Major restorations were carried out in 2015


The Garden Party

The Garden Party is held early in August. It is an afternoon event and is opened by a local dignitary. It is something of a fun day too.

There is a small entrance fee, children are welcome and there is no charge for under 11s.

There are very many different types of stalls for visitors to browse and buy, and the home made cakes and produce are particularly popular. So too are the ‘fruit and veg,’  clothing and ice cream stalls.

Through this support the charity was able to raise in the region of just under £1,000 as a very welcome contribution towards its work.

The Christmas Fayre

This event is held on the first saturday of December.
There is a small entrance fee which covers a cup of coffee and a mince pie.

There are stalls with a variety of small items on sale, many suitable to be of use in the coming Christmas-tide.

The event is very popular and a worthwhile event for visitors to come and enjoy.

The Library

Formerly The Secret Bookshop (SBS), the Library of pre-loved books is an important and vibrant entity that raises funds for the Manor Trust, usually with a specific target in mind, but primarily is the upkeep of its Grade II 'Star' Listed building, The Elms and its Waterloo Room.

This is done by several means.

Firstly, is a collection of books held in the Library of The Elms and which are available for purchase at a very small, nominal price, for as little as £1, and if so inclined readers can donate the book back to the Secret Bookshop after reading.

There are the 'Books and Coffee' mornings are held in The Waterloo Room on 2nd Tuesday of the month, form 10-11.30 am

All are welcome – and encouraged to come and enjoy the experience in the charming and impressive historic Waterloo Room and  the Library next to the Waterloo Room is open. Visitors are welcome to come and browse - and choose a book to take home and read for a very modest amount.

Volunteers who fancy to help run a the Elms Community Cafe are welcome to contact us or phone Paula Humby on 023 9248 4444.

Other events are held such as the Christmas Craft Making Day when delegates come and are given know-how and tips on making decorations and other ‘things’ for Christmas.

About making donations

Voluntary donations to the Trust are very much appreciated by the Trustees, staff, residents and worker volunteers alike.

Donations are used to help maintain the charity’s historic buildings whose upkeep presents a huge financial challenge. The money given may also be used to improve the services and facilities for the residents in the Trust’s homes, if that is specified.

The financial contributions from the residents goes to their upkeep and the Trust needs additional income to maintain its historic buildings and promote its charitable activities.

We ask you to consider making the charity The Manor Trust, Bedhampton a beneficiary in your will.

You can choose to donate now, which will go the Trust via the Charity Aid Foundation website for giving. All you are asked to do is to give your name, contact phone number and email address and then state the amount you wish to give. You can also opt to add value to your gift, if you are an income tax payer, by completing the Gift Aid form on-line at the same time as making your gift.

If you prefer to make a donation by cheque, please make it payable to and send to: -

The Manor Trust Bedhampton
The Trust Office The Elms,
2 Lower Road Bedhampton
Havant PO9 3LH.

You can add to the value of your donation via Gift Aid, if you are an Income Tax Payer by down-loading the Gift Aid Form and sending it to the Trust Manager. You need only do only this once as the form will apply to future donations as long as you remain an income tax payer. We thank you most cordially and sincerely for your help with the Trust's work.

You can make a donation by clicking HERE 

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