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Care of  the Grade II* Listed Building that is The Elms and Waterloo Room is part of the purpose of the Manor Trust
and the Trustees next task is to re-roof and then redecorate the very special interior of this Regency Banqueting Hall.

The total cost for the exterior and interior work is expected to be in the region of £100,000

Please consider 'Pledging financial support for this project.'

You can download page 4 of the Pledge document, fill in on-screen (using pdf 'Fill and Sign) and send to our Trust Office.
We can assure you we very much appreciate all your generous support given to The Manor Trust.

Please click  Waterloo Room Fund

If you make a Donation please remember to state your donation is for the Waterloo Room Fund. Thank you.








Coming Soon



You are invited to join us at our fun evenings to raise funds for the purchase
and mounting of a decorated

Christmas Tree at the centre of Old Bedhampton
- in front of The Elms, Lower Road 

All the details are in the poster above and we will look forward to seeing you.



Our Next COFFEE WITH BOOKS morning is on

Tuesday 12th November 2019 from 10 - 11.30

Held in the Waterloo Room of The Elms,

and the Secret Bookshop in the Library of The Elms will be open.

The Manor Trust in conjuction
with The Secret Bookshop

- run by volunteers to raise funds for the maintenance of the
Waterloo Room 



- if you would like to come and hear this interesting talk we recommend early booking as seats are limited.

It is also possible to arrange to receive early notification of our talks by email.
Please ask us when you book your seat - please phone us on 023 9237 5594 

Maybe more 'Shakespeare-in-Love' dramas?





Please book ealry as places are often booked up nearer the time.


Join the Manor Trust Management Team

We are looking for volunteers to help run our Fundraising Events.

If you enjoy meeting and helping people in a pleasant and friendly role, then please consider helping us at our Fundraising Events.
It can mean anything from having your say at the event planning stage, through to setting up the tables, chairs and stalls in readiness
and then on the day from welcoming the visitors to serving teas and cakes, or just explaining to the public about the purpose of The Manor Trust.

Supporters are those who donate and some give regularly, and some just give in response to an appeal for a special project of the Trustees,
Some give by attending the fund raising events and donate by spending on the day. 
Both Volunteers and Supporters contribute to the work of the Manor Trust and are very much appreciated. 
You can donate via this website, or please contact us to give help. Thank you.

Could you b
e a Trustee?

If you have the appropriate skills or experience and can volunteer to give a just a little of your time each month, then
this is an interesting and enlightening role, bringing its own rewards of personal experience and satisfaction, knowing you are helping a worthy cause.
If this appeals to you and would like to know more, please get in touch using our ' Contact us '   page and there is more to read on our ' About Us ' page


The Trustees announce with much pleasure that at their meeting on Wednesday 28 August 2019 Mr David Hindley was appointed to serve as a Trustee of The Manor Trust, Bedhampton.
The appointment is made under Rule 31 (1) & (2) of the Memorandum & Articles of the Trust (Appointment of additional Trustees) and is made subject to ratification by the next AGM. 

David has admirable qualifications and experience that he will be able to bring to the benefit of the Trust.
He has been a staunch supporter of the trust for many years and has the advantage of living very locally.
We welcome him heartily and hope he will enjoy serving as we will enjoy having him as a Trustee.


Our first talk of the season 2019-20


The Evening Talks are Secret Bookshop Events kindly arranged by Nigel and Wendy Gossop to raise funds for the Manor Trust.

The events are very popular - so we recommend booking early as seating is restricted due to the space available in this historic Regency Banqueting Hall, the Waterloo Room.

National Heritage Open Day


This year's Open Day was all about how Bedhamton used to look in times gone past, and admirably depicted in many watercolours by Col. Fawkes, a prevous owner of The Elms, William Grant and other artists.

It was an event mounted The Manor Trust's 'Bedhampton Historial Collection' (aka BHC)  - which is run entirely by volunteers - and this time over 250 visitors came to see the display and enjoy the refreshments during the 5 hours of the Open Day.

The BHC's Heritage Open Day, put on annually around the middle of September has never had so many visitors.
The display was breath-taking and awe inspiring for those who are roused by seeing their Bedhampton not as of today, but as it was all those years ago.
One can conjecture if we can see the vast changes in the last 100 years or so, what will it be like in another 100 years? 
Will anything recognisable be left if the building and more building goes on and on, regardless of today's residents' concerns?

This educational and recreational feature reflects the objectives of this charity, The Manor Trust Bedhampton


Happily, the weather was almost superb for this year's Garden Party; the sun was out and the air was warm.
However the wind was fresh and increased as we neared the 2pm opening time.
Some of the displays and gazebo-covered stalls suffered and the big white one had to be taken down just beore 2pm.

The Opening Ceremony was performed admirably by Lord Richards as the Patron of The Manor Trust and his encouraging speech held the attention of all present. The Trust's two Vice-Presidents, Alan Mak MP and Richard Pratt stood alongside. Many visitors came (we are waiting to be told the numbers) and all the stall-holders were busy.

Many cups of tea were served and the cakes, all freshly made by volunteers, went with the teas served.
This year there were three different types of drizzle cake made by volunteer Sam Maclaurin for the purpose.

We are expecting some photos shortly and so more news to follow soon plus the outcome of this splendid fund-rasing event.

The event was very efficiently led by the Trust's Manager, Paula Humby and the team of helpers all volunteering worked splendidly together to mount this event and then tidy all way afterwards.
So a huge hearty thanks goes to all of them.

The Lodge Garden gets Sainsbury's 150 years celebrations attention

It is not often that we have a news item about the garden at the Lodge.
The garden is quite large with both a lawned flower garden and a vegetable garden that Tony, our gardener, produces freshly picked vegetables all year round
for the residents at the Lodge to enjoy.

There are times when some extra help is needed to keep all looking good and cared for.

The news is that in July, the Manor Trust was fortunate to be chosen as one of the charities that Sainsbury Supermarkets are supporting to celebrate their 150 years in business. 

We are waiting for a photo or two, but in the meantime please read our trustees' Letter of Thanks to the Sainsbury's scheme co-ordinator, Mark, that describes the wonderful outputs that the Sainsbury's volunteers achieved for the Lodge garden and grounds on their day in Old Bedhampton.

What more can we say but a huge 'Thank you to Sainsburys.'


Saturday 6th July from 2pm

Many came to visit our stand at the Show - and were interested to see what the Trust has to offer to the community and in particular to the elderly seeking accommodation or residential care

Leaflets were eagerly taken to learn more about The Manor Trust:-
The Elms and the Waterloo Room and what goes on there, 
The Lodge, The Bedhamton Historical Collection,
and very importantly how we need volunteers and the supporters for this local Registered Charity

How about becoming a volunteer or a supporter?

Volunteers are those who turn out and give practical help at Trust events.
Supporters are those who donate freely and regularly whatever they feel they can at that time.
Both contributors to the work of the Manor Trust are both very much appreciated.
You can donate via this website, or please contact us to give help. Thank you.





The Manor Trust mounted at stand at the fair for a second year running.
The stall was surprisingly busy, as was the whole event.

There was a large variety of services displayed at this event that so were interesting, helpful and informative to anyone with some years behind them and for the relatives of those older persons in the family.

Trustee Sue Maclaurin-Pratt and former Trustee Rhona Stokes attended and spent the hours explaining to visitors to the stall what the trust offers for the older person.

At the present time, we have a flat vacant in The Elms and a room vacant at The Lodge, Click on each for further details.


Books Galore!

Reading is still a very popular whether fiction, non-fiction or faction

'All this she must possess,' added Darcy, 'and to all this she must yet add something more substantial, in the improvement of her mind by extensive reading.' Pride & Prejudice.

'Reading is to the mind, what excercise is to the body'


This day's event offers a chance to browse, to find a gem to read at very low cost,
and all whilst enjoying a cup of coffee and other refreshments etc.


John Keats the poet - 200 years

Bedhampton Village's celebrations on Sunday 20th and 27th January 2019

John Keats was an English poet who is now regarded as being one of the greatest lyric poets of his time and one of the principal poets of the English Romantic movement.

He was born in London on October 31, 1795 and in his short lifetime had 54 poems published in various magazines and in three volumes of poetry.
He spent some of his time living in Bedhampton, staying at the Mill shown opposite in an archival photo courtesy of The Manor Trust's Historical Collection (aka BHC) and this year Bedhampton celebrates his poems and his life that ended 200 years ago.

Bedhampton Village's celebrations on Sunday 20th and 27th January 2019 were held to commemorate the life of the poet John Keats
They were a great success with many coming some distance to visit and explore the village and the special events laid on.   

The events held in the Waterloo Room at The Elms were particularly popular as were the refreshments, and the opportunity to view the historic scroll of the full extent of Bedhampton Parish all laid out in the Elms Library where the Secret Bookskop was open as well. The organising team were led by Nigel and Wendy Gossop and congratulations are due to them all.

The Bedhampton Keats 200 Group, led by Nigel and Wendy Gossop,  invited a keen audience to The Waterloo Room at The Elms on Friday afternoon 15 February, to hear Havant and South Downs English Literature students read out John Keats' seven sonnets.

Staff in thanking Nigel and Wendy felt the event was moving and also rewarding for the students to discover a beautiful and interesting area of Bedhampton.

All who came were privileged  to hear the premier of a sonnet to Keats and to hear the students reading seven of Keats' sonnets.

Afterwards all were served a complimentary cup of tea or coffee.

                                    More details of these events here
                                    See the Press Release here
                                  and more about this historic village


By popular opinion we moved the event to Saturday 1st December and it was run from 10 am to 3 pm.       We are delighted to say that this move proved successful with more people coming and enjoying the event with fun at our stalls. 
We had a fantasic set of raffle prices, we had cakes and preserves, crafts, pre-loved and vintage gifts and clothes, tombola and all with coffee and a mince pie, included in the entrance fee of £2
   Secret Bookshop was also open. 
The funds raised this year will go towards the planned redecoration of the historic Waterloo Room
and just under £900 was raised.
Hearty thanks to all who came and contibuted to this happy sum raised.        

Lodge Deputy Manager's long service of 30 years was recognised as she retires.

The text in our latest newsletter (please see) says it all.

A truly wonderful era of delivering skill with prudent wisdom.

Thank you Tania from all at the Manor Trust for all you have done, and we most heartily wish you a long and very happy retirement.

Tania is seen here in between Mr Bernard Stanley, Founding trustee of the Manor Trust in 1967, and Sue Maclaurin-Pratt, first Lodge Manager in 1982 and current Lead Trustee 

 Waterloo Room Evening Talk

The Bedhampton Historical Collection in conjuction with The Secret Bookshop are delighted to mount this talk on behlf of the Manor Trust.
Paul delighted his audience with a very interesting and for many a new insight into the subject. Many thanks to Paul for this.

Hosted by the BHC


This was a successful day for those wanting to rev up their handcraft skills for Christmas fun and more. Many thanks to all who came, and most especially to Jill Munden, Wendy and others who came and oversaw the event.


Once the scaffolding had been erected, at the end of May, work could start in earnest. AlbaPlasterCraft remoulded damaged lionhhead features, and Richardsons of Gosport began the repair of the windows and repainting of the rendered walls and chimney stacks. The finishing touches will be all done by early August.
The summer is the best time to renew aged gas boilers that break down when needed most and British Gas Commercial were the contract winners for the challenging task on this building. Fitting new chimney liners with the painters' scaffolding was in place was a saving opportunity the trustees were anxious not to miss.
There turned out to be many 'nooks and crannies' that needed attending along with the straightforward work and this has meant that work will not be quite completed by the day of the Garden Party.
Meanwhile the residents of The Elms have been graciously forebearing of all the noise and disturbances; as internally a vacant flat was also being refurbished before letting to a new resident. Enquries for the flat to the Trust Manager, please, Go to Contact us
it seems that the residents despite all, appreciate that it just had to be done and that 'it will be worth it.' 

At the same time, the trustees commsioned an all abilities toilet for the first time. It will be off the cloak-room that is adjacent to the Library. Visitors to the Waterloo Room will be able to use this new facility by the end of August.


2018 – 19 Conservation Projects

For news of The Elms Grade II Listed Building refurbishments click here
The conservation work is well under way and the external painting to finsh by the end of July 2018  

In June the exterior refurbishments began in earnest with scoffolding to the east face of the Elms
to repair wooden frames, and some masonry/render repair
before repainting with Beeck Renosil Coarse then Beeck Renosil Fine
to the same colour as The Tower in 2015.

The works have been expertly carried out by Richardsons of Gosport


The Listed Property Owners Club

The trust has joined this organisation as it has  a great support team and database for anyone who has a Listed Building, and so can ease the concerns of maintenance in compliance with planning departments whose role it is to see that the Listed Properties are correctly traditionally maintained.
The Elms (AD 1800) with an even older farm-house core is a Grade II Star Listed building so that means it is in the top 8% of Listed Buildings in the country.


The Annual Garden Party 

The Garden Party

 Visit the stalls and take afternoon tea
and indulge in Raffle Tickets for the many prizes


The stalls are stocked amd managed by our visitors and volunteers.  Usually around 150 visitors come to the party, making it a memorable afternoon.


The popular Bric-a-Brac Stall

The first stall on the list for some ...

The party offers a variety of stalls selling books, bric-a-brac, produce from The Lodge garden and a fantastic choice of cakes; many made by the cooks at The Lodge.  Many people enjoy tea and cakes on the  lawn in the garden of The Elms. 

Havant MP and Manor Trust Vice-President Alan Mak attends

and takes refreshments 

The Manor Trust would like to thank everyone who supports the annual Manor Trust Garden Party. We are especially pleased that Havant's very busy MP Alan Mak finds time to come and support the Trust.
The Party needs and mostly enjoys kind weather but the sea-breeze often plays havoc with some displays. In the event of rain the Party just moves into the the Waterloo Room.


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