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Forthcoming Events



Ideal for the local village residents - all welcome - come and enjoy the experience!
We will be very pleased to see you!

Event News  - This year's Garden Party will be held at The Elms on Wednesday 2nd August at 2pm. All welcome.

Want to help? We are always pleased to hear from you if you would like to help at this special summer event. Helping is easy, not at all strenuous and it is good fun. Please contact us now on 023 9237 5594 or 02392 48 4444 (mornings only) or email

Coffee Morning with Books on 2nd Tuesday of the month, 10-12 noon

Bring a friend, meet some new friends and browse something to read at a very low price from £1
Fancy to help run a coffee morning? Why not!
Organising and running an event like this is rewarding with only a little gentle work.
If you would like to volunteer to help, please let us know or you can phone Nigel Gossop on 023 9237 5594.
You can get out more than you put in.

Waterloo Room can be available for your event.
The Waterloo Room may be suitable for your event. To make enquiries please contact Nigel Gossop on 023 9237 5594

Heritage Open Day - Free entry and all welcome 

Waterloo Room Evening Talk - Tuesday 3rd October 2017
Digging For Defence - The Portsdown Hill Forts - by Philip McGrath

Waterloo Room Evening Talk - Friday 7th July
A great evening with John Clegg voicing his own performance of the story of Dickens' life holding the capacity audience enraptured.
We had enjoyed a glass of wine and canapes to start with as we all assembled for this the final event in the Trust's 50th Anniversary celebration week. Sincere thanks go to Nigel and Wendy Gossop for all the planning, to Jill Munden for helping and to Wendy Harris, cook at The Lodge, for the delicious canapes.


The proceeds of these like other events go to the Secret Bookshop, which is the fundraising organ for specific projects for the Manor Trust, on this occasion the funding of the new stackable but very comfortable chairs and folding quality tables for the Waterloo Room.

50th Anniversary Celebration of The Manor Trust, Bedhampton 1st & 2nd July 2017
Over the weekend of 1st and 2nd of July the 50th Anniversary of the founding of The Manor Trust was celebrated. Formed in 1967 by Cynthia Hoy (Dec'd) and Bernard Stanley (Trustee) after acquiring The Manor House, which otherwise would have demolished for the building of flats. The central part of the Manor House is Elizabethan and the two wings are Victorian. Subsequently the Manor House became a Grade II Listed Building so preserving it for posterity.
The trust went on to acquire The Elms in Lower Road also in the village of Old Bedhampton and also a Grade II Listed Building, and later acquired the Lodge, next door to The Elms and where the Trustees created a Registered Residential Care Home. Sadly the Trust could no longer afford to keep the Manor House open and run as Sheltered Housing that it had done for 47 years for up to 7 residents. The building was sold on the understanding the purchasers were going to live in the Manor House as their private residence (see more about the Manor House further down this News page).

To celebrate this occasion approximately 40 Members and Friends of the Trust together with active volunteers of the charity came to a 'tea with cake party' in the Waterloo Room where the most senior in terms of age as 'Guest of Honour' was Mr Bernard Stanley, Founding Trustee, fortunately able to be present whilst convalescing  from an illness.
We were also very pleased to be able to welcome to the party the Patron of The Manor Trust, General The Lord Richards and his wife Lady Richards.

Bernard Stanley with the daughter of Joint Founding Trustee, Cyntia Hoy at the party

There was a toast to 'The Manor Trust' proposed by trustee Sue Maclaurin-Pratt and the Vice-President asked Nigel Gossop to accept and gift of a bottle of his favourite tipple which it became known quite by chance is his special treat after his and his wife Wendy's very many labours for and on behalf of the Manor Trust.

Bedhampton Show - Saturday 1st July - held on Bidbury Mead
The Trust mounted a stand at the show, as a special attempt seeing that it is the Trust's 50th anniversary year. Many visitors came and looked at the various leaflets we had on display and available to take away. The stand was very conveniently placed close to the entrance from the car parks.

Of great interest were the historic photographs of Old Bedhampton depicting scenes of the village from the earliest days of photography, all held at the Trust's Bedhampton Historical Collection. The photographic display was mounted by two from the BHC team, Nigel and Wendy Gossop, and our thanks go to them, and to Julie, a resident within the Trust and her sister, who talked to the visitors about the Trust and 'signed' up more Friends of the Manor Trust'. Throughout the whole day trustee Rhona Stokes was on hand and worked hard  to make the whole display work for the visitors, and so much thanks go to her on behalf of the trustees.
In all it was a successful day and worth all the effort.


Saturday 17th June

The local author Selina Stanger gave her very intersting talk to a receptive audience of just under 20. Her talk was folowed by an enthusiastic discussion of her books about the Harrison surgeons and about her experiences and some guidelines on self-publishing.
Following the talk there was no rapid bolt for the door as the Secret Bookshop had laid on tea and biscuits! Thank you SBS! 

 Waterloo Room Evening Talk - June 6th

There was a near capacity audience to hear the life and antics of Lady Hamilton, renowned mistress of Lord Nelson. We were asked before the talk started if we thought Lady Hamilton's long affair with his lordship harmed his reputation; most thought not. We were asked the same question again at the end of the talk now knowing much more detail of her life, it's ups and downs, much more of her personality and the society of her day. The result was much the same! We are, of course, much more used to scandal in high places these days.


This year's Art Show was a great success with many visitors over the three days and who came and viewed and purchased pictures and various objects d'art, as well as enjoying tea and coffee with a slice of good home made cake or a scone, cream and jam.

Just over £1,000 was raised for The Manor Trust which will go towards the heavy up keep costs of the Waterloo Room. For example the trustees are planning internal redecoration (the need is obvious to those who spot these things!), and that doesn't come cheap. For example, many of our supporters are surprised to find we cannot reclaim VAT on the bills for redecoration work.

News Item - Patron of The Manor Trust, Bedhampton
At the Annual General Meeting held on 6th May 2017 it was announced from the Chair on behalf of the Trustees that General The Lord Richards of Herstmonceux GCB CBE DSO DL has kindly agreed to become the Patron of  Manor Trust.
We very much welcome and appreciate this announcement and we hope that Lord Richards will have a long and happy relationship with the charity, its trustees, staff and volunteers.
Read more

Manor House - Planning Concern
Latest Position (as at the time of this message post (16-05-17) -
The application was refused by Havant Borough Council Planning on 11th May.
It is gratifying to hear that the reasons given align closely with the concerns of those many private persons and the professionals who wrote to the Council with the objections.

50 years ago The Manor House was very nearly demolished, but it was saved by the Manor Trust. It is a Grade II Listed Building which ought to mean it is safe in the olde worlde Conservation Village of Old Bedhampton, Havant see all about the village here.
But with the planning law in a muddle these days, the outcome is by no means certain.

A builder wants to build a large exclusive executive property with its 3-car garage right next to the Manor House so separating the Manor House from its 500-year old wall Tudor wall with the gate to the ancient common land of Bidbury Mead that bounds with the church of St Thomas, severing an ancient connection that over all those years very many have come through that gate and for the best part of the last 50 years come to the Annual Garden Party at the Manor House.
The Manor Trust is fighting this planned development by bringing to the democratic planning decision process an engaging the services of expert Planning Consultants to argue the case and to persuade the Havant Borough’s elected councillors to accept the advice of their specialist Planning Officers and the County Conservation Officers and to refuse this building application.This comes at a cost upon the Trust's resouces that with your help we can cover.

For our children and our childrens’ children ....................
Can you help us? The Manor Trust is asking for donations to meet the cost of fighting to save the Manor House and its grounds. You can help save these heritage properties and conservation villages, if not for ourselves, then for our children and our childrens’ children; else the whole of the South of England could eventually be concreted over with multi-storey blocks but of course with a few select areas of elegant houses in the fresh open air with greenery for the super-rich.
We are asking our supporters to donate £1 but we would need 2,000 supporters to do it. If you see a new £1 coin, please think of what your £1 could do.
Please SHARE this post with your Friends.
You can help save these heritage properties and conservation villages, if not for ourselves, then for our children and our childrens’ children.
PLEASE GIVE WHAT YOU CAN by using the link here to the Charity Aid Foundation Giving Page
Please send a cheque made out to The Manor Trust Bedhampton to The Administrator, The Elms, 2 Lower Road Old Bedhampton PO9 3LH.

Thank you to all who have suported the Manor Trust in this cause and now we have to just wait to see how the drama of local and national democracy in planning control law unfolds. Our professionals have researched the worths of appropriate grounds for objection and have represented those as the Trustees opinion on the Planning Application  to Havant Borough Council along with many others.

We still have those costs to cover, and so your help in the form of a donation will go to this good cause and be very much appreciated by the trust. Thank you.

 Annual General Meeting of The Manor Trust Bedhampton 6th May 2017

The 50th AGM was held on Saturday 6th May 2017 in The Waterloo Room of The Elms.
At the Meeting the Chairman, Vice-President Richard Pratt gave the announcement that the Trustees are pleased and honoured that General The Lord Richards of Herstmonceux GCB CBE DSO DL has kindly agreed to become the Patron of Manor Trust.

Lord Richards resides locally and although he leads an extremely busy life his aim is to support the Trust whenever possible. Lord and Lady Richards came in April to meet the trustees, staff and several key volunteers. Both were fascinated by The Elms and Waterloo Room as well as being very interested in the work of the Lodge where they spent some time talking to staff and some residents.

The announcement was very much appreciated as welcome news and we hope that Lord Richards will have a long and happy relationship with the charity, its trustees, staff and volunteers.

At the AGM there was a good turnout of Members, Friends and Life Friends of the Trust as well as supporters and guests. We thank you all for coming and partaking of this important annual event in the business side of life in the Manor Trust.

The light refreshments and a glass of wine or juice were much appreciated after the AGM.

Some calendars are still available

The Trust's 50th year 2017 Calendar has been compiled for the Trust by the team at the Bedhampton Historical Collection and has historic views of Bedhampton as shown above. Calendars are for sale at £5 each There are a limited number left so to purchase yours please phone the Trust Office mornings 9.30-12.30 Mon- Friday



Our first Coffee Morning with Books held in the Waterloo Room was very well attended and friends and supporters came from far and near to enjoy the coffee, the cakes and biscuits, the conversations and browsing and purchasing a good read to take home from the Secret Bookshop. We thank you all for your support.
The funds raised all go to help with the running of the Manor Trust which in 2017 means very largely going towards the upkeep and some strucural work on the Waterloo Room itself and the Grade II 'Star' Listed main building 'The Elms.'
Our hearty thanks go to Nigel and Wendy Gossop, Margaret Stanger and Jill Munden for putting on this first event.

Saturday 4th February 2017


Michelle Magorian's talk proved very popular and the event was a great success. The Waterloo Room was filled and the afternoon went so very well people stayed and chatted which was pleasing from the trust's aims to increase the community's awareness of itself.   
There were a lot of new local people, some of who had lived in Bedhampton for a long time but had never been to vist our talks before, so that was good
The New Look Waterloo Room
With very many grateful thanks to our very active supporting organisation, The Secret Bookshop, its proprietors Nigel and Wendy Gossop were able to gift to the trust a complete set of new folding tables with fine light oak wooden tops and sturdy folding legs to replace the heavy old tables that had been accumated over the years.
This means that the increasing use of the Waterloo Room for a variety of functions will be much more readily practical as the trust is also acquiring a set of stacking upholstered chairs, many purchased by gifts from our supporters, for which the trustees are very grateful as well.

Here we see the presentational view with the damask table covers kindly donated by a supporter, who wsihes to remain anonymous, and the tables laid ready for the Thursday Luncheon Club, which is enjoyed by up to 25 elderly locals every week; a two course freshly cooked luncheon for a very modest contribution followed by a cup of tea!

News - January 2017
Manor Trust Governing Committee
- New Trustees
It is a pleasure to be able to announce the appointment of two additional trustees from 10th January 2017 to serve subject to their ratification at the next AGM in early May. They are Ms Rhona Stokes, who has served on other governing comittees and is a keen volunteer, especially in supporting our fundraising events; and Mr Jeff Wilson, who is a retired surveyor and he has been helping the trustees already with his specialist knowledge of buildings and their systems. We welcome them both heartily.
In the same breath, we are sorry to have to say goodbye to trustee David Sweetman who has been unable to serve actively as a trustee now for some months and with the arrival of our two new trustees David has resigned. Thanks go to David for his support for the trust and the work he did both as the administrator for a period and then as a trustee.

New Adminstrator
Another pleasurable announcement is the appointment of our new Administrator last autumn of Mrs Valerie Muller following Katie Hodell's move to a new full time post elsewhere. Valerie comes to us with a wealth of experience working for a charity based in Chichester and we are delighted to have her come and carry out the trust's administrative duties, which ever seem to be growing in this day and age! We wish Valerie every sucees and happiness in her post.

Manor Trust Governing Committee
The Governing Committee meets monthly at The Elms.

The trustees are pleased to welcome supporters with suitable experience, perhaps in business, to be considered to join the Governing Committee as advisors. If you are interested in helping the charity in its work and you think you may have suitable experience, such as, but not exclusively, running an SME (including a Care Home or Nursing Home), or experience with charity work or HR work then please contact the Trust Administrator, who would arrange for you to meet the trustees.                                                                                         

Have you run a Nursing or Residential Home?
The trustees would be very pleased to hear from any person who, like our trustee Sue Maclaurin-Pratt, has experience of running a nursing or residential care home for the elderly and especially from any nurse who has experience in the field of inspection/registration of nursing or care homes for the elderly.

Christmas Coffee Morning --

The Christmas Coffee Morning was a great success, thanks to all who came and supported the event, enjoying coffee and a mince pie, made plenty of chat with acquaintances and others, and enjoying making purchases of items from the stalls, no doubt some of them made in preparation for Christmas present giving and the general festivities.
The trustees are very grateful for your donations and purchases and especially grateful to all the volunteers who have worked hard for weeks planning and preparing for this important fundraising event of the trust's year.

News - November 2016

Saturday 12th November

A Craft Making Day -
Jill Munden and her team has again held a very sucessful and popular day.
And the pictures say it all.

It is good to see so many absorbed in this Craft Making Day - and thanks to all who came and made it a success.

On Tuesday 1st November -

Portsmouth Town Hall Square

Mark Wingham's talk at The Elms on Tuesday 1 November gave an entertaining and funny insight into how he began collecting with a visit to a postcard fair. 
The presentation of images from Mark's own extensive collection which runs into thousands, showed a long forgotten Portsmouth and Southsea that is hard to recognise as the city we know today.
The image is reproduced with the kind permission of Mark Wingham.

News - August 2016

This event was great fun and was very well attended.
We were delighted to find that the Havant MP Alan Mak was able to come and support this event as he was already acquainted with many of our supporters.


All the stalls were as busy as can be and the cakes stall in particular was the greatest favourite.
We were once again very fortunate to be blessed with fine weather after a cloudy dull morning and rain the previous day. However, the wind was blowing something of some great gusts and in the latter half of the afternoon the gazebos were in danger of taking off and landing who knows where! In the end the biggest and most susceptible ones were taken down by the volunteers. See the picture!

Thanks go to all the helpers and volunteers who set up and ran this fundraising event for the charity. All the preparations of what to display for sale, be it food, plants or clothes, cakes and many other prizes for the raffle, especially the beautifully iced cake separately raffled that was won by the founding trustee Mr. Stanley, to great cheers.
The end result was very satisfying to achieve roughly the same as last year and thanks again to all who came, bought and donated and raised in the region of £1,000 for the work of the charity which is the maintenance of the Grade II Start Listed building The Elms and Waterloo Room and the Lodge Residential Care Home next door.
If you would like become involved in our fundraising events do please get in touch - see elsewhere on our Facebook page or go to our website.

News - July 2016

The Manor Trust Annual Garden Party
The Annual Garden Party this year is to be held on Wednesday 3rd August, 2pm – 4.00 pm at The Elms 2 Lower Road Old Bedhampton, PO9 3LH 

You could help by running a stall, or by donating a raffle prize or other gifts such as produce for sale on a stall. For more details:-
Please contact our administrator if you are interested in helping at this worthwhile and fun event, we are always pleased to have your support.  Please call on 023 9248 4444 (Mon-Fri 9-12) or by email at 

News - June 2016

Waterloo Room Talks
On the fine summer evening of Tuesday 7th June, at the invitation of Nigel Gossop of the Bedhampton Historical Collection, Dr Philip MacDougall gave his presentation 'If war should come' (see the poster) to a very interested audience of about 20 of us who took a break from either working or resting in our gardens that are basking in this flaming June weather. There was a concern at one time with the sunlight showing through the Waterloo Room's skylight that it may be too bright even at 7.30pm to see the pictures on the screen! However, with a superb projector by kindly  loaned by a Mr Worley the pictures were very clear and very graphic.

We were reminded that in the two and three years immediately before war was declared the country was mostly quite ill-prepared for what was to come, but the public, somehow always more perceptive than its Government, had a fear of bombing, having seen pictures of what was happening in Spain at that time.
In all this was a very interesting talk as Dr MacDougall was able to show local scenes of happenings and activities in very local places such as Chichester and Southampton etc. The questions at the end were lively and the evening finshed by the presenter Nigel Gossop giving a vote of thanks to our speaker who was then given a spirited round of applause.

Annual Art Show 28th - 30th May 2016
The Annual Art Show 2016 was very well attended and we had some very pleasing comments on the variety and quality of paintings this year. As usual the walls were full of paintings to look at, to admire and to ponder on. By 4 pm on the Monday many had 'red spots' attached, showing that they had been sold.

Many cream teas and cakes had been served over the three days, so kindly made and given to the trust by our supporters all to help raise funds for the work of the charity. Grateful thanks go to those for their kind efforts.
The Saturday and Monday of the Bank Holiday weekend were both very busy and the Sunday rather less so and many, no doubt, were walking off their Sunday roasts!

So, we can say a tremendous thank you to all the artists who exhibited and help make the Art Show a success.
Very grateful thanks go to, to all the volunteer helpers who ran the show, welcoming visitors on the door and taking the £1 entrance charge, to answering enquiries about the exhibits and registering sales, and of course, not forgetting those who worked so hard serving teas etc., in the ante-room to the Waterloo Room.
Please come again next year!

We are always keen to have more helpers, goods for the stalls and raffle prize donations.  Would volunteers please contact Valerie Moller 02392 484444.   We look forward to hearing from you!  

News - May 2016

The Manor Trust Annual Art Show - May 2016.

The Elms Garden
The trust is indebted yet again to that valiant body of helpers known as the Bedhampton Volunteers.

Their success in this venture will mean that our erstwhile gardener Nigel Gossop can do some leveling and then grass down the area so that it will be ready in  time for the Trust's Annual Garden Party on the first Wednesday in August.
Well done the volunteers and many many thanks again!

AGM 2016
The Annual General Meeting of the Manor Trust Bedhampton  was held on Saturday 7th May 2016 at The Elms Waterloo Room at 11am. Notice of the AGM and agenda had been sent to Members of the Manor Trust during April.
Members of the Manor Trust, Friends of the Manor Trust and volunteers and supporters were all welcomed by the Chairman for the occasion, Mr Richard Pratt, Vice-President of the Manor Trust.
The AGM started with prayers led by the Rev. David Proud, Vicar of St Thomas' Church, Old Bedhampton and apologies were noted by the our Administrator Katie Hodell. In attendance was Mr Rory Madden, Senior Partner of Arthur Daniels, Chartered Accountants of Fareham, the Trust's Auditors. Also present were Cllr Jenny Wride (now retired and former trustee) 
Mr Bernard Stanley was elected to serve as trustee for a further year.
The Chairman appealed for support to serve on the Trust's Governing Committee  (please see
below) and to recruit more Friends. The Friends subscription would go to £12 p.a. from £10p.a. and £1 per month for new Friends joining mid year (April-March).
Closing a very happy and successful meeting at 12.15 pm, refreshments provided by the team at the Lodge were greatly enjoyed with much chat between Members and Friends of the Trust.


News - April 2016
April 21st saw celebrations everywhere for the Queen's 90th. Birthday. Of note for the Trust was the special luncheon that the Thursday Luncheon Club put on for the diners who come on Thursdays for a freshly cooked two-course lunch followed by a cup of tea. On this occasion the convenor of the club, Mr Bernard Stanley had provided a glass of wine to toast Her Majesty and the lunch was good old Roast Beef of England and Yorkshire pudding!

At that luncheon, one of the cooks Mrs Kath Houghton was praised for her long service of fifteen years to the club and her retirement from the cooking rosta will leave a hole that needs filling. Kath was given a lovely bouquet of flowers.
News - March 2016
The BHC were pleased to run their evening presentation to a near capacity audience. Nigel Gossop was the MC and introduced in turn four speakers from the Havant U3A Theatrical Dept who gave their renderings of impressions of Portsdown Hill some well known personages through the years.

News - February 2016

Early in December the BHC mounted an evening talk entitled ‘The Life and Death of a Tudor Sailor' by Trevor Sapey of The Mary Rose Trust and he covered the sinking and raising of The Mary Rose, all delivered in period costume. The event which was a great success offered a unique opportunity to handle some replica and real artifacts recovered from the ship.

‘The Life and Death of a Tudor Sailorby Trevor Sapey

In January, four members of the BHC visited the Hartley Library at the University of Southampton to view the Wellington Papers, which include correspondence between the Duke of Wellington and Sir John Theophilus Lee (former owner of the Elms and builder of the Waterloo Room).

At the end of January, Nigel Gossop led the first of the new 'scripted guided walk' titled ‘A stroll around Bedhampton’ with a group from the Portsdown U3A.  The walk lasted about one hour fifteen minutes, finishing at The Elms for coffee, and was enjoyed by all.  The team were delighted to receive voluntary contributions that will be put towards the running costs of the BHC.

On 2nd February there was a talk in the Waterloo Room titled ‘What the Butler Saw.’ Dr. Bob France shared the experiences of Steadman, the Regency butler, telling tales from the great houses of England in an engaging, fun, but historically accurate and entertaining way.

The event was a ‘sell out’ and quite a number of people had to be turned away disappointed. Future publicity for all future events will look towards advanced booking.

News - October 2015

Restoration of the Waterloo Room Tower at The Elms
The restoration of the tower was finally completed on Saturday 10th October by putting the finishing touches to the painting of the moulds and features in white.

On Friday 23rd October a small celebration of the safe and satisfactory completion of the works was held in the Waterloo Room.

An account of the whole project is available on this website's Fundraising page.









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