About The Manor Trust
Founding Trustee Bernard StanleyThe Trust is a small charity based in the lovely old village of Old Bedhampton.
The Manor Trust -
- is a Registered Charity No: 1116034 and Registered Company 05480101 
Founding Trustees
Founded 1967 by Bernard Stanley (pictured) and Cynthia Hoy (wall-framed) after local residents in Old Bedhampton became concerned that beautiful properties around the village were being targeted by developers and were in danger of being destroyed.
It was also felt that elderly people should be given every opportunity to remain in the village.
This gave rise to the Trust’s joint values of ‘heritage’ and ‘care’ - living in retirement.
The founding trustees were committed to maintaining the buildings and to providing for the elderly a comfortable accommodation and a dignified, relaxed lifestyle in unique surroundings.
Trust Patron and Vice-President
The Trust's Patron is General The Lord Richards of Herstmonceux GCB CBE DSO DL read more
The Trust's Vice-President is Mr Richard Pratt B.Vet.Med., MRVCS (Ret)
The Trustees
  • Mrs Susan Maclaurin-Pratt RGN Cert. Ed
  • Ms Rhona Stokes Cert.Ed., Dip.Ed.
  • Mr Mike Case FFA FIPA
  • Mr Graeme Loten
Key Staff
Mrs Paula Humby
(Trust Manager)

Mrs Valerie Muller
(Trust Administrator)
Mrs Jacqueline Hildick
(Registered Lodge Manager)
Mrs Tania Relf
(Deputy Lodge Manager)

Annual General Meeting of The Manor Trust Bedhampton
The AGM is held in the Waterloo Room of The Elms 2 Lower Road Old Bedhampton PO9 3 LH on a Saturday morning at the end of April or the beginning of May ,
The Elms. All Members, Friends and Life Friends of the Trust as well as guests and supporters are invited to attend.   

The Aims of the charity
To provide a caring home environment for the elderly in the Trust’s properties and -
  • To preserve the Trust’s properties in Old Bedhampton
  • To foster and promote the social and historic ambience of Old Bedhampton
  • To advance education in the community
A philosophy for retirement living options
The Trust’s philosophy is -
- to provide homes for elderly people each offering a different option for retirement living dependent upon one’s needs as an elderly person;
  • The Elms, a stunning Gothic style architecture, a Grade II 'Star' Listed Building with its historic Waterloo Room and Tower
  • It comprises five self-contained apartments suitable for the early retired person
  • The Lodge, acquired in 1981 is a small Registered 24hr Residential Care Home.
The Lodge is a care home in the Havant area.
If you would like to find out more about the accommodation offered by the Trust please go to Contact Us

The Trust Governing Committeene
The affairs of the charity are managed by the trustees via this small friendly committee that meets once a month in the morning in the Elms. The committee has a 'Chair,' which is usually taken by the charity's Vice-President Mr Richard Pratt B.Vet Med., MRCVS (Ret), who has had a close association with the Trust over very many years.
  • The members of the committee are the Trustees, the Trust Manager, the Trust Administrator, the Lodge Registered Manager, the Trust Events co-Ordinator and a Representative from the Bedhampton Historical Collection  plus any co-opted committee members who have been invited to help the trustees with their work of running the Trust.
  • The committee is able to ask experts or special interest volunteers in various fields to report to or give advice to the committee.
BECOME A TRUSTEE - now being actively sought
We would like to appoint an additional trustee for this unique charity. The role is interesting and intellectually rewarding. It is reckoned that just a few hours per month are asked to be given for this role. 
Typically, the role of trustee suits the recently retired or part-retired person to keep their minds fit and occupied after their loss of work whilst gaining a worthwhile community experience.
We are specifically looking for a responsible person who has a special interest in the elderly and who, with other trustees, would oversee the direction of policy and delegation of policy actions by the trust staff.

Policies cover:-
  1. The care of the heritage Grade II Listed Building known as The Elms
  2. The financial control of the charity - effectively a non-profit SME - with turnover less than £500,000
  3. The operation of the Bedhampton Historical Collection , the trust's small museum.
  4. Supporting and understanding the role of the Registered Manager of The Lodge a 14-bed Residential
If you have run a Nursing or Residential Home,  possibly as a former care professional (or similar) we would like to hear from you.
The trustees see that the Registered Manager at The Lodge and the 24-hour staff care-team are well supported by a Governing Committee member who has some knowledge and experience of good care of the elderly.
There is more about volunteering for this particular interesting and rewarding role in the link to our application on the Reach website, please go here
or simply contact us for more details please phone 023 9248 4444 or email trust.office@manortrust.org.uk and we can come back to you with an informal and a friendly chat.

You can read more about the role of trustee by clicking on:-
  • our own summary of the role of trustees in the Manor Trust here
  • and also read our projects for new trustees on the Do-It Organisation here
OR if preferred, more simply -
023 9248 4444 OR trust.office@manortrust.org.uk and we will get back to you.
Much detail about this charity is already here on this website's pages - happy reading!
Trust Staff and Volunteers
The Trustees readily acknowledges the hard work and dedication of all of the Trust's staff, especially in the giving of quality care in the Lodge, day and night 365 days of the year but all other staff as well, such as  our cooks, gardeners and maintenance operatives.
  • The Trust also benefits from and has come to rely on its dedicated band of volunteers.
  • A body of these volunteers is called The Friends of the Manor Trust (see below) and they regularly help with the work of the charity, mainly at the Trust's fund-raising events held throughout the year.
The Friends of the Manor Trust:-
Friends of the Manor Trust are supporters of the charity by their donatations of £12 per  year, usually by Standing Order.
  • Alternatively one can make a single life-time donation of £100 and become a Life Friend.
  • Friends receive the seasonal newsletters and prior news of the Trust's events throughout the year.
  • Many Friends help at the fund-raising events and generally join in with the Trust’s activities.
The Trust welcomes new Friends and Volunteers
If you are interested or would like to know more, please phone or send a message to our Trust Administrator
And you can download a Friends Application Form

The Bedhampton Historical Collection
To help promote the social and historic ambience of Old Bedhampton the Trust is proud to have within its domain the Bedhampton Historical Collection.
The Bedhampton Historical Collection is an impressive set of artefacts collected over many years by the founding former Trustee Cynthia Hoy who has bequeathed her collection to the Trust, which  is proud to develop this collection to be ready for showing to interested parties.
  • The Collection is housed in the Museum Room at the Elms.
  • The curator responsible for maintaining and presenting the Collection is Margaret Stanger

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