Retirement living in the historic village of Old Bedhampton  Havant Hampshire
Welcome to The Manor Trust
  The Elms –           Self-contained Retirement Apartments

  The Lodge –         Registered Residential 24 hour Care Home

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Diary Date  The Christmas Coffee Morning will be held at The Manor on Wednesday 26th November at 10 am. Please come and join us for a mince pie!


Are you interested in heritage and in particular heritage buildings?
If so, then come and see us as we have the Elms in Lower Road Old Bedhamption  Grade II Star Listed Building and your enthusiastic support for the gem will be much appreciated.
here to find how to contact us and we will look forward to meeting you.

A philosophy for retirement living options
  • The Trust’s philosophy is to provide homes for elderly people each offering a different option for retirement living dependent upon one’s needs as an elderly person;
  • The Elms, a stunning example of Gothic style architecture, with its historic Waterloo Room comprises five self-contained apartments suitable for the early retired person
  • The Lodge, acquired in 1981 is a small Registered 24hr Residential Care Home
  • If you would like to find out more about the accommodation offered by any of the Trust’s properties,
  • Janette has 25 years’ experience specialising in the care of elderly people and will be able to answer your questions, advise you about the most suitable accommodation for an elderly person’s needs and arrange a viewing of the properties.
About The Manor Trust
  • The Manor Trust is a Registered Charity No: 1116034
  • The Trust’s Patron is The Duke of Wellington, KG, LVO, OBE, MC,LD
  • Founded 1967 by Bernard Stanley, pictured and Cynthia Hoy after local residents in Old Bedhampton became concerned that beautiful properties around the village were being targeted by developers and were in danger of being destroyed.
  • It was also felt that elderly people should be given every opportunity to remain in the village.
  • This gave rise to the Trust’s joint values of ‘heritage’ and ‘care’ - living in retirement.
  • The founding trustees were committed to maintaining the buildings and to providing for the elderly a comfortable accommodation and a dignified, relaxed lifestyle in unique surroundings.
The Aims of the charity are:-
  • To preserve the Trust’s properties in Old Bedhampton
  • To provide a caring home environment for the elderly in the Trust’s properties
  • To foster and promote the social and historic ambience of Old Bedhampton
  • To advance education in the community
  • The charity is managed and run by
  • Three Trustees assisted by the Trust’s staff
  • A dedicated band of volunteers who support the Trust by helping with the activities of the Trust, particularly the fund-raising events
  • The Friends of the Manor Trust donate annually or regularly and may also help with the work of the charity.
  • The Trust holds fund-raising events throughout the year. The contribution from the residents goes towards their upkeep and the Trust needs additional income to maintain its historic buildings and promote its charitable activities.
  • To help promote the social and historic ambience of Old Bedhampton the Trust is proud to have within its domain the Bedhampton Historical Collection. Please see below.
The Friends of the Manor Trust
  • The Friends are the Trust’s supporters who make a regular contribution to the Trust’s Fund-raising through the Friends annual donations. The Friends often help at events and volunteer to help with the Trust’s work, visit the residents and generally join in with the Trust’s activities.
  • The Trust welcomes new Friends and if you are interested or would like to know more please send a message to the Administrator on 023 9248 4444 or email or you can telephone the Registered Lodge Manager on 023 9245 2644
  • The Trust’s Newsletter is sent to the Friends by email and also by post for those who do not have an email facility.
The Bedhampton Historical Collection
  • The Bedhampton Historical Collection is an impressive set of artefacts collected over many years by the founding former Trustee Cynthia Hoy who has bequeathed her collection to the Trust, which  is proud to develop this collection to be ready for showing to interested parties.
  • The curator responsible for maintaining and presenting the Collection is Margaret Stanger.

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